After over 3 years not being able to work I have finally got a job. It is only 16 hours a week waitressing but is a really big step forward for me. I did a few trial shifts last week to see if it was right for me and I absolutely love it. It is hard work and very busy but the people are lovely and the time goes really fast. It feels wonderful to be working again. There is no way I could have coped with returning to nursing at this time and it was difficult to know what sort of work to do.

The shifts are usually only 4 hours long which works well for me, both from a coping physically and also it fits in well with Joshua and school.
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Just taken me about 10 minutes to get to this. I had linked lj to my facebook page, so don't know if that was the problem.
Anyway it was taking me all over the place apart from where I wanted to go - ie writing in my journal. Now I am here I have no time to write so will try again later
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1st Class Degree

Rachel has been working much too hard over the last few years, working full time and studying for her Marine Biology degree. All the hard work has paid off and she is the only one in her group to get a first.

Unbelievably proud of her. Her university has also awarded her their Institute of Biology, Student of the Year award.
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Doctor Who Disaster

Spent an enjoyable weekend at the bad Wolf Convention in Birmingham. Met lots of lovely people and enjoyed the company and camaraderie. My main problem was the price of food and drinks in the hotel, a glass of wine for me and a diet coke for Josh cost about ten pounds (even more if you had waitress service!- we didn't)

We did have a very unfortunate disaster with Saturdays episode of Doctor Who. They were unable to show it on the big screen so about 20 of us were watching it in the bar, it was a lovely atmosphere and we were all totally engrossed.... then about 5 minutes before the end the screen abruptly switched to football. We were in a total state of shock, we were given no warning and the football had not even started,it was just the pre match warm up. I took some comfort from the fact that I had set Doctor who to record at home.... only to find out later that the recording had failed.
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We found out today that Joshua won the Co-op Star Wars lego competition. He is thrilled and very proud that he can make more storm troupers in one minute than anyone else in Stafford.
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